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Things You Should Know About Helen Miller/Bernard Hunter Park

Helen Miller/Bernard Hunter Park is located at 224 North Fayette Street Alexandria, VA. The Park features a basketball court and playground. This is a great little community park for younger kids. The playground has a nice squishy surface so that kids can fall and not hurt themselves. Both infant and kid swings are available. Slides, seesaw, and climbing structure are also available in Helen Miller/Bernard Hunter Park. There are four swings here: two bucket swings and two for "big kids." There is also the newfangled see-saw. It's a modern-looking apparatus that kind of bounces in the air rather than slamming down onto the ground. Also noteworthy is the "spinning doughnut": around, moving balance beam of sorts for older kids. The big kid swings are somewhat shady and there are trees over a small grassy patch just large enough to throw a ball back and forth. There is a basketball court adjacent to the playground if you are feeling sporty. It has a separate entrance and is also fenced. This site is named for the late Mr. Bernard Hunter and Mrs. Helen Miller, community activists. Hunter/Miller Park has been adopted by the West Old Town Civic Association. The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

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