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4 Popular Post-Pandemic Home Trends

Home is a basic necessity that we all need and the recent stay at home orders due to coronavirus has made it more important. Our home requirements are changing with the changing times. Given below are the most popular trends in the real estate industry regarding post-pandemic imp[rovements and requirements.
Zoom-worthy home offices are a necessity

The Desire For Lower Density

According to, "Homebuyers today are seeking more space, both indoors and outdoors, and they’re happy to trade convenience to accomplish this goal. Buyers now view private, personal space as a luxury, and a safety net.nCondo owners and apartment dwellers want townhouses, townhouse owners want detached homes with yards and urban home dwellers are considering bigger homes and yards in the suburbs."

Long-Distance Commuting

As per, "Telecommuting has been around for years but never executed on the scale we see today. As many employees and employers have been forced into working from home, many are discovering telecommuting’s benefits. As a result, we are seeing buyers and sellers exploring their options for a new lifestyle further away from the city."

Zoom-Worthy Home Offices

According to, "Buyers want home offices with doors that close. They need high-quality internet and want spaces that are curated and beautiful for video conferences. Many dual-income families are no longer tolerant of a shared home office and are looking for homes that could provide two home offices, converting an extra bedroom or walling up space in the basement to provide the second office."

On-Site Recreation And Fitness

As per, "With gyms closed, sports seasons canceled, pools closed and kids at home, buyers are now, more than ever, looking for homes with recreational amenities and home gyms. Buyers are anxious to find safe ways to exercise and exhaust their kids. With predictions that a second wave of the pandemic will hit this winter and uncertainty around school plans, we are seeing a resurgence of desire for swimming pools, tennis courts, and sports courts."

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