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Old Town Alexandria Welcomes Del Ray Staple St. Elmo’s

Del Ray staple St. Elmo’s opened its doors at 529 Montgomery Street earlier this month – a moment of celebration after more than a year of planning. But don’t expect the new outpost to be a cookie-cutter version of the Del Ray original. No, instead, the Old Town variety brings a little mix of all the Ponzi eateries under one roof. According to the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "And while coffee will of course always remain one of the gems of the shop, there’s more on the menu to try. “We love our homemade soups. We have a homemade chicken noodle and a tomato soup. We have a Cuban sub, which is really popular. We’re known for our Reubens, and we took our best Italian sub from the market, our 116, and that’s been popular as well,” he said. But the Old Town crowd has brought different requests from Del Ray, Christine Ponzi said. To wit: Gluten-free and vegan options. And as a result, the new St. Elmo’s is contouring to fit. “We were trying to keep them similar, but what we’re realizing early on is that we’re going to have to tweak the menus a bit,” she said. “We’ll share the successes of each location and hopefully end up with a final menu.”

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