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Location, Health Conditions For Mobile Users Proided By Alexandria 911 System

The City of Alexandria, Virginia, is set to flip the switch on 911 technology that aims to help pinpoint the location of cellphone users, and quickly provide health information to assist first responders before they arrive on an emergency scene. On Wednesday, the Alexandria Emergency Communication Center, which handles 911 calls for police, fire and medical emergencies, will launch a new cloud-based system called RapidDeploy RadiusPlus Mapping. According to, "The new system aims to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to learn the location of people calling 911 from a cellphone, rather than a landline. Unlike previous-generation emergency call centers, which prompted a two-step process of locating the cell tower a phone was using and then triangulating a general vicinity, the new system provides locations with the accuracy that car-share or pizza-delivery services offer." As per, "Providing the call-taker with as much information as early as possible about the emergency and the patient can help make sure first responders have the appropriate tools. “They know what equipment they might need, but they might not have on a particular unit,” said Gordon. “So, they can call for a different unit, knowing that information ahead of time."

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400 Madison St #207
400 Madison St #207 $699,000
400 Madison St #801
400 Madison St #801 $810,000
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